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Welcome to the Window Designer

How to measure your window

Measure the opening in at least 3 places across the width, top, middle & bottom, take the smallest measurement & Deduct 10mm, this will be the width of the window. Measure the height of the opening at least 3 times left, middle & right, take the smallest measurement & deduct 10mm this is the height of your window. Check the opening is square.


Enter your measurements

Enter your measurements in the box below.

Enter the overall width of your window in millimeters
Enter the overall height of your window in millimeters.
Tell us where this window is going such as a kitchen or living room or bathroom.

Step 2

Please select the colour(s) of your door below.

Choosing your window

Select how many squares your window will have then select a style from the list.

Quick tip:

The green arrow indicates the hinge and handle position.

Width: mm   Height: mm
Product previews may not be to expected scale and ratio.

Includes VAT and installation Subject to survey
Window style:

Select how many panes your window will have

Step 3

Glass type
Security upgrades

Upgrade the security of your window with our toughened glass choices

Obscure Glass Options:

Select which glass style you want in your window.


Add a decorative - please note this is not illustrated

Step 4

External Colour
External Colour:

Select the colour you want your window to be on the outside

Internal Colour:

Select the colour you want your window to be on the inside

Handle Colour:

Select which colour you want your handles, note this is not available on preview images

Top hinges

Select the hinge type you want for your top openers

Please note: Every habitable room now has to have an Egress hinge. This building regulation applies to new and/or replacement windows.

Handle lock type

Select what type of lock you want on your openers

Step 5

Technical information
Trickle Vents

Trickle Vents to the top of Frame




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